Infection Control Training

Engaging and interactive Infection Control certified level 1 & 2 courses, aligned to the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF). Learn how to prevent disease transmission and the consequences of poor infection control practices. 

Level 1 Infection Control

  • Legal Aspects - relevant acts, regulations, employee and employer responsibilities.

  • Disease Transmission - reasons for outbreaks, ideal settings for transmission and what infections are.

  • Hand Washing & Gloves - importance of good hand washing and use of different types of gloves.

  • Housekeeping - cleaning, hygiene and maintenance.

  • Needles & Sharps - different types of sharps, safe disposal, how injuries occur and health risks.

  • Waste Disposal - safe practices and waste plan (sorting, handling, storage and final disposal).

Level 2 Infection Control 

  • Implementing Infection Control Measures - requirements within the workplace and healthcare.

  • Chain of infection - how this informs infection prevention and control practice.

  • Decontamination - individual roles and responsibilities for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising.

  • Single Use PPE - risks when reusing single-use devices.

  • Risk Assessments - conducting risk assessments to ensure infection prevention and control.

  • Alert Organisms - conditions that pose an infection risk, safely manage patients and notifiable diseases.

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