Personal Safety Trainers Testimonials

"The support workers and I from the Padley Group had the most amazing personal safety and self defense training from Keely. With her guidance we have been able to identify solutions to help keep us safer in the work place, when we are working in the community and in our own time. The self defense techniques are also really easy to remember and we have all come away feeling much more confident"

K Collyer, Padley Group, Derby

"Loved Keely's straight forward approach to Personal Safety.  She went through a range of situations from driving alone and staying in hotels to aggression and violence de-escalation and suggested some really simple but effective ideas I can use.


Many thanks for a great and informative session.  Definitely recommend it to others."

Ms J Minter, Marketing Manager

"An eye opener! A very interesting and informative session. I thought I was pretty clued up, but I realised there was so much more I could be doing. 

Thanks Keely, for some great advice and very practical tips for improving Personal Safety in all types of situations.

Will definitely recommend."

Mrs N G, Derbyshire