Personal Safety Trainers aim is to keep people safe by providing tailored Personal Safety,  Lone Worker, De-escalation and Self Defence training.

We also provide First Aid for Mental Health training to help and support employees and Infection Control to prevent disease transmission.

Based at Derby in the East Midlands and training online or in-house throughout the UK

Who are Personal Safety Trainers?

Benefits of Personal Safety, Lone Worker, De-escalation & Self Defence Training

  • Increased risk awareness, safety and confidence when dealing with situations.

  • Reduced incidents, injuries and litigation.

Benefits of First Aid For Mental Health Training

  • Recognise mental health conditions and signpost people to professional help.

  • Enable quicker recovery and prevent long term illness and absence.

Benefits of Infection Control Training

  • Reduced disease transmission and outbreaks.

  • Increased infection control and understanding of conditions that pose an infection risk.